Hello and Welcome

I want to give a quick introduction on what you will find here and who I am. 

Hi, My name is Will Kahraman 

I am the one and only person behind this site and all of the content that you will find here. 

I'm a writer. 

I write articles and essays in various lengths about various topics. What I write generally falls in one or more of these broad categories:

  • Politics 
  • Current events in America and around the world
  • diplomacy 
  • how to avoid war
  • personal essays
  • travel
  • International Relations
  • regional issues around the world

The types of content I make are generally:

  • essays
  • articles
  • collections of essays and articles
  • photography
  • books

I hope that I can include more and more photos. 

Usually, e-books are for shorter projects and paperbacks are also offered for the longer projects (offered here and through Amazon). 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy