Why I love Writing Non-Fiction

(Originally published on Medium)

I love writing non-fiction. As my publishing site 1223media.com is now up and open to the public, I thought that I would share why I love to write non-fiction. This is not meant to put down any fiction writers. This is just a list of why I prefer to write non-fiction.

  1. Different styles: There is a whole host of different styles of writing non-fiction content. My personal favorites are articles and essays in the literary journalism style of writing. Writing non-fiction does not have to be boring or artistically unsatisfying.
  2. Informing: I love even having the chance to inform people about something. Whether it is a bare bones reporting piece or literary journalism, I love the ability to increase the knowledge of other humans in some small way.
  3. So Much to Cover: One thing that can be a blessing and a curse for writing non-fiction is the overabundance of material to cover. There are so many topics out there.
  4. Saturation: All writing markets are saturated in their own right, but I have found that fiction seems to be much more saturated than non-fiction.
  5. Influence the Conversation: Apart from pure reportage, one thing I like about non-fiction is the ability to more directly contribute to debate on an issue.

These are the main reasons why I like to write non-fiction more than fiction.