Using fossil fuel Reserves and the need for new alternatives (my latest self-published piece)

Hi, I have just published an essay on Amazon about the issue of fossil fuel reserves eventually running out and the need to find renewable alternatives. 

This is my first (of hopefully many) self-published pieces dealing with different issues that I want to write about. 

I usually charge for pieces that are over 1000 words and take more work. I decided to write this piece because I wanted to cover a topic that not many people pay attention to when it comes to fossil fuel use. 

Thank you for reading. 

Nicaragua, A Central-American Clean Energy Leader

Nicaragua, A Central-American Clean Energy Leader

When the world takes stock of how every country is responding to energy needs and climate change concerns, there is often an understandable focus on more “influential” countries like the United States (U.S.), China, Russia, France etc. This focus is not without reason. It makes sense to focus on countries that have a lot of people, political influence in the world, and economies that can move world markets. This focus often leaves out smaller countries that, occasionally, are quietly making great progress on areas like renewable energy and dealing with climate change. Nicaragua is a great example.

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